Detainees at Campsfield House Go On Hunger Strike!

Oxfordshire: More than half of the detainees living at the immigration house of Campsfield House located in Oxfordshire are on a hunger strike as they are refusing to take in any of the meals. The protest is done on the facet that they are against their prolonged detention as well as the kind of treatment they are facing in the detention centre.

It has been claimed by the detainees that as a result of this treatment, they are suffering from various mental and health related disorders. They have been bolted with no chances of further release. These people wanted their voices to be heard!

A statement confirmed that a lot amongst these detainees have been kept into the premises for more than three years now. And the worst part is that no one has the surety as to when they will mark their freedom from this door and when their voices would be heard.

If reports are to be believed, some of them said that no one provided them with ample justification as to why they have been kept here for so long. They said that they have no hopes of having a clan in future and now their lives are residing in a limbo as now these people can just hope of having a life.

It has also been said that the detainees face some amount of torture and some of them even face treatment like animals. Some of them claim that they have never been given ample time to appeal for their cases, at the time when they were removed from their nations.

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