Determine Your Canada PR Eligibility

Are you one of those eager to become a permanent resident in Canada, but don’t have any idea about the Canada Permanent Residence(PR) eligibility? If yes, you have landed on the right page. Check the piece and figure-out all that you need to know about PR eligibility for Canada immigration.

The Maple Leaf Country has big plans for the next three years, and it is eager to welcome a large number of migrants under its various economic visa programmes, mainly those offered under Express Entry system. And, so if you are one such person, apply, and land in the overseas hotspot in just 8-9 months.

Coming back to PR eligibility, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reviews the profiles and applications submitted for Canada immigration on the basis of six important factors. You require doing well on each for finding acceptance and a PR Visa.

What Those 6 Factors Are?

They are Language skills, Education, employment experience, age, arranged employment in Canada, and Adaptability.

  1. Language skills (highest 28 points)

Ottawa and the IRCC require that you converse in either 1 or both of the nation’s official languages, English and French. Knowing English, French or both assists you in the thriving job market of the nation.

  1. Education (highest 25 points)

You need to present an Educational Credential Assessment report from an accepted agency exhibiting that your overseas education is comparable to a completed certificate, diploma or degree gained from a secondary (high school) or post-secondary school of the Maple Leaf Country.

  1. Employment experience (highest 15 points)

The IRCC offers points for the figure of years you’ve spent doing permanent paid work (of not less than 30 hours every week, or an equal volume of part-time [15 hours every week for a period of two years]) at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the 2016 National Occupational Classification (NOC).

To get selection factor points, your employment experience will be considered in case it was: in the Maple Leaf Country or overseas while you were pursing studies, or while you were self-employed.

  1. Age (not more than 12 points)

If you are between 18 and 35 years, you will get the highest points for the factor.

  1. Arranged employment in Canada (maximum 10 points)

In case you have an employment offer of not less than 1 year, from a recruiter or firm in the nation, you will get points for the factor. It’s compulsory that you get the offer prior to you apply, to move to the hotspot as a Federal Skilled Worker.

  1. Adaptability (not more than 10 points)

You will get useful points for your spouse or partner’s language level, and also for the previous studies done in the Maple Leaf Country by your spouse or partner.

Check your PR eligibility for Canada immigration using the freely available Canada Visa Points Calculator and figure how bright your chances are.

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