Discover How to Apply for Australia Citizenship!

How to Apply for Australia Citizenship?

Do you wish to find out how to apply for Australia Citizenship? Well, it’s not rocket science. The citizenship application process is not very difficult even while you can unearth the same, via checking some of the appropriate sites run on the subject.

Apply for Australia Citizenship
Apply for Australia Citizenship

While you will find most relevant sites–complete with all the latest information–run by the Australian Government, and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–you will also stumble across some excellent and highly useful sites managed by some private players in the business, such as Abhinav; for instance.

Down Under is one place that continues to rule the heart of millions of migrants, from every corner of the world–from Algeria to Albania, from Ireland to India. Undoubtedly, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ is a perfect place to work, live, and raise a family.

Every year, a large number of applicants apply for Australian Citizenship. However, not everyone is granted the same. Perhaps, the reason is they are not familiar with the citizenship process. If you, too, intend to live in Oz, then you must be thinking of acquiring the prized and the much sought after Australian citizenship, right? If yes, you must find out how to apply for Australian Citizenship.

Very recently, the DIBP announced certain amendments. Peter Dutton, the Minister of DIBP, reportedly introduced some new reforms which will make sure that the candidate is competent in English, and has lived in the country, as a Permanent Resident, for at least four years, and is ready to give commitment to embrace the Australian values by heart.

Six Australia Citizenship Changes

Following are the six new amendments made and you need to keep these in mind while applying for citizenship:-

  1. As per the new arrangement, the number of years you must have lived in the country is now 4. Presently it is just 1.
  2. It is mandatory for the applicants to pass an English test which includes writing, reading and listening.
  3. To assess and test the applicants’ understanding of Australian values and responsibilities, citizenship test will be further strengthened.
  4. Candidates will have to prove their contribution towards the Australian community and the efforts they have made to integrate with the same.
  5. As per the new arrangements, the applicants will get only three chances to clear the citizenship test. At present, there is no limit whatsoever to appear for the citizenship test.
  6. If an applicant is found cheating during the citizenship test or submitting false information/documents they will automatically fail the test.

Eligibility for Australian citizenship

To apply for Australian citizenship the applicants are required to meet certain eligibility criteria, such as at the time of submitting the application they must be a Australian permanent resident and must meet the citizenship requirements. It is important that the candidate be of a good character, with proficiency in English. The DIBP has strengthened the citizenship process and made it obligatory to have a clear intention to maintain close association with the country. To have complete knowledge of benefits and responsibilities of the Australian citizenship is also a vital eligibility factor.

However at the time of submitting the application if the candidate is under the age of 15, or 60 years or above, then he will be exempted from the citizenship test.

Required Documents for Australia Citizenship

Primarily, the officials will ask for three types of documents–character certificate, documents related to candidate’s identity, and some other supporting certificates/papers. Once you have submitted your application, the concerned officials at the DIBP will assess your citizenship application, and once the decision is made, you will be called for a personal round of interview.

If you successfully clear your citizenship interview, you will be invited to attend a citizenship ceremony and take a pledge to become a proud Australian citizen, and won’t that be just great?

Now since you know, to a certain extent, how to apply for Australia Citizenship, what are you really waiting for? You want more information on the subject? Well, in that case, check with Abhinav–your trusted visa & immigration partners!

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