Do business in London

London is the sixth largest city of the world in accordance with economy. Thus it has been the most important hub for business for many years now. All leading cities in the world are eager to start a business in London so that trade could flourish even more which will give a fruitful outcome for both the concerned cities.

Setting up a business in the city would mean that more and more business men would be eager to get an access to the city to do the same. Thus there are several tests that a person has to pass before getting a visa to enter the city. Most of these tests are marks oriented that are so evaluated that the merit of the applicant is flawlessly tested.

There are various criteria for acquiring the passing points. For entrepreneurship program there are four sub-categories. They are as follows: UK Business Immigration by investing GBP 200,000,European Community Association Agreement, Sole Representative Visas for Employers, Freelance in the UK. Each has their own way of qualifying an applicant.

For example, UK Business Immigration by investing GBP 200,000 has few criteria based on how much a person must have in his account so that he can start his business in the city. The amount should be at least 200,000 pounds for which there are 25 points. Similarly for other criteria there are similar points which are when added must be more than 75 to qualify the test.

Language is a very vital criterion as for business English is the worldwide accepted language for trade and commerce. Thus English is given a special importance and the person must pass the language test along with it. Hence it is evident that getting a visa to enter the city is not that easy. A person must really deserve to get a visa.

London is the home for large business houses as it ranks the sixth in the world trade. Various types of visa are available to start a business in the city. The person must be highly qualified and he must have a lump sum amount of money to invest for setting up a business in the city.

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