Do Not Want To Leave Australia Post Your Graduation? Learn How To Do This!

Australia is the topmost destination for studies, mainly thanks to its lively cities, crystal-clear beaches and ample graduate opportunities even as students from across the globe move to it in large numbers making the place the ultimate destination for studies overseas.

A key consideration at the time of taking a decision as to where to study is whether you can reside in the nation after graduation, and as you move ahead through your course, you need to think about it seriously.

In case you have no intentions to say goodbye to the lovely overseas hotspot, you will be happy to know that Oz offers a wonderful post-graduation working visa option. Use it to stay in the nation after you are through with your student days.

Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa (485)

These visas enable the students, who have freshly graduated from a university of the nation to do a job, travel and enroll for a study course there in, on a temporary basis. The volume of the time the visa is legally valid depends on the level of the study concluded in the nation.

You may stay for a period of two years, in case you have successfully finished a Bachelor’s degree; done Master’s Degree; completed a Master’s by coursework degree. You may stay for a period of three years in the nation in case you have successfully studied a Master’s by research. You may stay for a period of four years in case you have completed a Doctorate degree.

However, in case you still do not feel like leaving the hotspot even after your 485 Visa loses its validity, you can submit an application for Permanent Residency (PR) in Australia, get the status, and then freely enter and leave the nation with no curbs whatsoever.


But getting it is not an easy job. The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) considers the petitions submitted for PR on a Points basis even as these are given on the basis of Age, English Language Ability, etc.

Canberra only gives PR to those who may illustrate they will fill shortage that the local Australian residents won’t be able to do.

With a view to make the cut, it is required that you possess three years of industry-related experience that will make you more skilled to work in this domain, vis-à-vis your Australian equivalents.

This three-year experience law may prove fatal and destroy your chances of scoring PR in case you studied a two year Bachelor’s Degree and didn’t prepare for your post-graduation life early on, since the validity period of your post-study working visa is just two years.

As per the experts, students must plan early if they wish to submit an application for PR while they’re a student, and start working then. In case they believe they will submit an application for PR after their graduation, they would do well to do a year industry related job, or grab a part-time holiday work opportunity that is applicable to a specific business with a skills shortage.

They experts add that students should find internships inside Australian businesses, to prove they have rather good English language skills, and know the Australian climate.

Working at an Australian business will be a blessing and help specify that you have mastered the language and also prove that you are pretty serious about making the Australian economy better.

Master’s by research and PhD students will not be subjected to this issue since their 485 Visa enables them to continue to stay for over three years. As long as you employ this time sensibly, there should not be any issues and you should be in a position to get sufficient job experience, to make the grade for PR.

The best age bracket to submit an application for residency in Australia is 25-30-years, since it fetches the maximum number of points; aspirants between 18 and 24 years and 33 and 39 years also get high points.

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