Do You Know Brisbane Is Hippest Australian City?

In what could be called a somewhat surprising news-report, a very famous and highly respected international travel guide publisher has ranked the Australian city of Brisbane—the third biggest city of OZ–as the nation’s hippest city. Brisbane beats the leading Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne to occupy the top position.

As per the new Australia publication of the guide book, Brisbane is a lively river town, with an electric nightlife, edgy arts vista, besides amazing coffee & eateries. Allegedly, the flourishing Brisbane is the most undervalued Australian city. It is also claimed that the Australian city’s sub-cultural nuances, modish bookshops, internationally motivated eateries, bars, cafes, not to mention band rooms—all are classy.

The guide book claims that the locals have forever known that the city provides ideal lifestyle even while it doesn’t take guests much time to know the reason behind it. In spite of the change into a shiny, multinational city–complete with first-rate art galleries, an active live music scene, and a marvelous café background, the city still keeps hold of the relaxed or casual, easy stance of a not-too-big society.

The guide book asserts that certainly the languid subtropical weather, quietly flowing Brisbane River, apart from the loaded cultural tangs of its several neighborhoods are also responsible for its attraction. Still, more often than not many persons find Brisbane appealing since the city is swanky with a matter-of-fact approach even as it boasts of very welcoming and hospitable people.

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