Do You Know Canada Express Entry Is A New Online Application Management Structure?

Among the many hot overseas destinations, Canada is placed right on the top, some observers’ claim against the observation notwithstanding. To facilitate the movement of skilled manpower from outside to its territories, the nation has lately walked on the beaten track, and emulated Australia, by introducing the much talked about Canada Express Entry Programme.

Canada Express Entry is a new online application management structure devised to make Canada Immigration system rather easy and quick for the potential applicants. The path-breaking programme is merely three months old and especially designed to choose potential applicants for the object of Canada Immigration.

The ‘Maple Leaf Country’ offers a large number of employment opportunities for skilled professionals from all over the world even as the country has certainly become a hot immigration destination worldwide.

Perhaps a person, who wants to immigrate to the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, may easily find better employment opportunities regardless of the fact which country he may be from. Also, the country does not practice stringent immigration laws, as compared to some other developed countries, for instance, the US.

Coming back to the title, the recently introduced Canada Express Entry is a new online application management structure and immigration to the country of ‘Milk and Honey’ is a very popular choice for the prospective immigrants. The craze of Canada Immigration among the potential immigrates has increased, courtesy the Express Entry Programme.

The ‘Country Located in the North of the US’ has many skilled immigration programmes especially designed to allure the foreign skilled professionals. Of all the existing schemes, Express Entry Programme is most appreciated by those who want to live and work in the overseas hotspot. Focusing largely on the labor market needs, the programme transforms the nation’s immigration process into a rather simple and smooth, and of course, quick process.

Express Entry Programme–Some Key Features

  • Express Entry programme alters the selection process and not the selection criteria for the prospective immigrants who wish to acquire Canada’s PR. But, candidates can submit an application for any Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP) only once they have successfully met the basic criteria.
  • Express Entry System is point based electronic programme and each applicant is individually evaluated on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Eligible aspirants are ranked against each other and those with the highest points are likely to receive an ‘Invitation to apply’.
  • Eligible candidates successfully placed in the Express Entry Pool may easily get an Invitation to apply. Applicant’s application remains valid for a period of 12 months. Thereafter, it will be removed from the pool. If the applicant is still keen to move to Canada, then he may apply afresh.
  • The programme manages the applications for the following FSW programmes, namely, the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec and Nunavut, will be able to nominate applicants for a certain portion under the Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNPs).
  • The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) conducts regular draws and issues an invitation to apply to those applicants who have scored well. Successful candidates will not have more than 60 days to claim Permanent Residence (PR).
  • Applicants–with a prior job offer or provincial/territorial nomination–are likely to score more. But, it’s not a compulsory condition. Those without job offer or a provincial/territorial nomination may register themselves with the Canada’s Job Bank.
  • Express entry is not bounded by the time duration, number of applications to be accepted and occupation list to be followed.

During the last three months or so, six draws have taken place even while nearly 5000 skilled professionals have been issued an invitation to apply. As per a concerned person, the last three operational months may not be able to draw the complete picture on how the programme will progress in future but the same certainly offer some idea on how things are working in present.

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