Do You Know Immigration to Hong Kong for Nonresidents (Family Members) Is Achievable?

Due to political instability the city-state of Hong Kong was rather torn apart in the early 18th century. In search of better livelihood opportunities and a stable life style, hundreds of thousands of people had moved to the neighbouring country China and to other destinations.

It was in the late 90s that the country became China’s first Special Administrative Region (SAR) following the motto ‘one country, two systems’. The country has left no stone unturned whatsoever to groom and boost its economy and make it one of the best across the globe.

Right from giving the best possible exposure to local skilled professionals to recruiting finest foreign skilled workers the city-state has taken all the possible measures to uphold its national economy. And, the results–as they say–are for all to see.

Immigration to Hong Kong for Nonresidents (Family Members)

If you have successfully acquired a HK Resident Permit (permanent or temporary) you may sponsor your partner, children or other family members to come and live with you in the region. However, different procedures come into force are applicable for those whose family members live in the mainland China and those whose family members reside in other countries of the world.

Family Members Living in the Mainland China

HK grants closer to a 150 ‘one way permit’ to immigrants from the Mainland China to come and live on its soils. In a way, Hong Kong is leaving no stone unturned to bring back its people, who left it during the downfall and whose descendants are now struggling and finding it pretty tough to do well in the Mainland China.

The following applicants are eligible to present an application for a one way permit:

  1. Partner of HK permanent resident holder.
  2. Dependent children below the age group of 18 who are not being taken care in China and intend to join their relatives in HK.
  3. Children of HK permanent residents of Chinese nationality who are entitled to live in HK as per the section 24(2) (3) of the basic law and paragraph 2© of schedule 1 to the immigration ordinance.
  4. Dependent senior citizens who are not being taken care in the Mainland China and who intend to join their relatives in HK.
  5. Individuals who wish to come to Hong Kong to take care of their parents (dependent).
  6. Individuals who wish to come to HK to inherit their property from their relatives in the country.

Family Members Living in Macau

Article 22(4) of the basic law is applicable and effective to the immigrants from only Macau even as the HK immigration Authority treats the residents of Macau just the way it treats the citizens from any other country. People in HK may offer sponsorship to the following people (dependent) living in Macau to come and live with them:

  1. Applicant’s partner ,
  2. Unmarried children below the age group of 18, and
  3. Dependent parents above the age group of 18.

Non Chinese Family Members

The residents of HK may sponsor a non Chinese dependent family member as per the section 11 stated by the HK Immigration department to come and live in the nation. However, it is vital that the aspirant is able to prove that he possesses enough capital to support the new entrants. Children should be below the age group of 18.

Family Members of Non-permanent HK Residents

People, who fall under the aforementioned category, are the partner of non Chinese Hong Kong residents and children below the age of 18. To immigrate to the nation, they are required to obtain dependent visa and, if they successfully acquire the dependent visa, they can come and live in the nation till the time their sponsors visa stands valid.

Immigration to Hong Kong for Nonresidents (Family Members) is possible provided they have a valid sponsor.

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