Do You Know Immigration to Hong Kong for Nonresidents (Family Members) Is Possible?

The city-state of Hong Kong has been always in the news for contentious issues simmering across China. However, this country has tremendous prospects and capability to drive the growth of the world economy. The people in this country are pretty hard working and they are always ready to give their best for its growth and development.

In the past, many have settled in this country, and those who have been settled here are all this while helping the country to thrive and emerge as a driving force. Still, now it is the time for the country to pay them back in the same length. So, to streamline the process of immigration to Hong Kong for non residents (family members), Hong Kong immigration department are putting in their real efforts to ensure that immigrants can unite with their family.

Given this–if you are putting up in Hong Kong and you want to make this country the permanent abode of your family members–there are some eligibility requirements that are imperative to be met by the immigrant living in Hong Kong to make sure that his/her family can move here.

Let’s take a quick view on the eligibilities that are sought for ensuring the such families can unite once again that are estranged due to border and immigration norms.

  1. If the immigrants have lived in this country for a considerable period of time, and they have been given the status of citizen, the children of such immigrants can claim for citizenship in Hong Kong. In fact, they can easily move to the region under section 24(2) (3) of the basic law of immigration and paragraph 2(c) of Schedule 1 of the immigration ordinance.
  2. If the permanent resident of Hong Kong sponsors his immediate wife, as a family member, the spouse can move to the area.
  3. If you have been in the city-state and you have the residency, you can transfer this advantage to your dependent children. By dependent, it means someone who is aged below 18 years. Once you are sponsoring them, then do keep a tab on this requirement.
  4. In fact, if the person living in Hong Kong is elderly, he/she can sponsor his/her children to come to Hong Kong and stay along with them for care and well being.
  5. Inborn can also come to Hong Kong and live in this country.

This is the process where eligibilities are ascertained when it comes to immigration to Hong Kong for non residents (family members). However, in whatever pursuit you are engaged in, in all probabilities, you need an excellent immigration consultant.

Now, the question is how to figure-out the best in the market.

  1. You can go to business directories and find out the best consultants in your local area.
  2. At times, word-of-mouth-publicity is also useful, so make it a point to find out if there are reliable agents who can help you out.

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