Do You Know South Australia Offers State Nominated Migration Options For Qualified, Skilled Aspirants?

South Australia (SA) comes on the fourth rank in Australia in terms of size in the country. This beautiful state, located in the southern central part of the country, is well developed, offers great professional growth opportunities with good infrastructure and other opportunities for enhancement of the quality of life.

Like other states of the country, South Australia offers state nominated migration options for qualified skilled applicants, and these make immigration easy for nominated candidates. The law of the country gives power to State and Territory governments under which they can independently nominate visa applicants. For this nomination process, proper assessment of the applicant’s profession is performed.

Nomination by State and Territory governments is made if the skills offered by the candidate are on the shortage list of the particular state/territory. The same procedure is followed by South Australia for state nomination.

To get state nomination, one can stay updated through skills shortage list or the SOL given on the SA immigration website. If the occupation is there, then the candidate can contact the concerned authorities with the help of a consultant before proceeding ahead with the application submission part, in which the authorities (officials) will duly evaluate it. This state nomination, however, in no way means that one has been granted the visa.

Eligibility Requirement

Here are the eligibility factors that are checked in the evaluation method

  1. Age of the candidate should not be higher than 49
  2. SOL (state nominated occupation list) must contain the nominated occupation of the candidate
  3. Proper skills assessment coming up to the sought standard by the authorities (only recognized organizations can carry-out the assessment)
  4. GSM skills estimation
  5. Previous Work experience of 1 year (should be full time and fully paid in previous 3 years)
  6. 2 year study requirement
  7. One should be rather competent at speaking, reading, understand English. To put if differently, he should have a good working knowledge of the language.
  8. Fiscal Capacity (there are other points for eligibility that require certain asset and cash amount for necessary fiscal capacity)

There are many provisions available under subclasses and sub types of visa categories. More information can be fruitfully obtained from the concerned official website. In fact, most of the visa and immigration agents also provide the same information in detail since they usually have a pretty good domain knowledge and expertise.

What is the processing duration of the application?

The duration for the processing of the submission differs as per different visa categories. Usually, petitions filed under the Nomination Subclass 489.190 takes about 4 weeks. While other employer nomination applications (sponsored migration) or business migration nomination applications may even take 2 weeks to 35 days for processing.

As mentioned before, SA gives state nominated migration options for qualified, trained candidates even while these nominated candidates are entitled to many benefits. If one has received a state nomination, and the application has been approved, then he will get an extra 5 points (10 in case of a provisional visa) under the point based evaluation for the PR application. In fact, compared to the GSM nomination, one gets higher professional options with a state nomination.

Permit Support for SA Immigration: What to Watch Out For!

There are some points one should remember before making the application or even hiring help to do so. Before you place your essential information in hands of your agent, run a background check on him/her and see whether or not they are registered with MARA. Experience and right contacts matter in this field and also seek experience of the agent so you don’t have to go through problems in the middle of the application procedure.

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