What Documents you Require for Canadian Immigration Visa Application?

Canadian Immigration Visa Application

Before you submit your Canadian Immigration Visa Application prepare a checklist of documents that you need to collect to avoid unnecessary delays and hassles. Just knowing the necessary documents, completes half of your work.

The Maple Leaf Country, even though huge in size, has a relatively small population. It is considered one of the most culturally diverse nations and houses various wonders, such as the prominent Niagara Falls, Rocky Mountains, C N Tower, Whistler, massive museums, and the Toronto Zoo.

Various surveys have declared the place as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It was named the Best Travel Destination in 2017 by the Lonely Planet, thanks to a great tourism infrastructure and a weak Canadian dollar, especially as compared to the neighboring American dollar.

Canadian Immigration Visa Application
Canadian Immigration Visa Application

If you too want to explore this beautifully diverse country, start by knowing the facts about applying for a Canadian Visa. It isn’t too difficult to acquire a Canadian Visa if the application process is followed with precision.

Required Documents

You need to have the following documents ready before applying for the visa:

  • Original and valid passport
  • Canadian Immigration Visa application. Download the form along with other necessary forms, including the bar-coded sheets and print them on a white, bond quality, non-glossy paper using a laser printer. These forms need to be duly filled and signed by the applicant

3) Recent passport-size photographs

3.1) Either matte or semi-matte finish

3.2) Size: 35mm x 45 mm

3.3) Minimum 60-80 percent face coverage

3.4) White background without any border

3.5) Photograph should not be more than three months old

3.6) Should not be stapled or scanned

3.7) Should not have been used in any previous form

3.8) Mention your name and date of birth at the back of the photograph

4) Covering letter

4.1) Mentioning your name, designation, your passport number, purpose of visit, and the duration of stay.
4.2)  Cover letter must be on company letterhead if you are self-employed and on plain paper if you are employed in a firm.

5) Bank Statement

5.1) Last 6 months
5.2) Copy of your Credit Card(s), Foreign Exchange endorsements, Travelers Check, Fixed Deposits, papers of your property, Form 16, Income Tax Returns, and PPF documents along with other necessary financial documents.

Note: If you are not able to provide all the supporting documents–as mentioned in the official Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) document checklist–you are required to fill and sign a waiver form and attach it along with the application form. Failing to do so may result in, delays or complete refusal of the visas.

Speak to your visa & immigration advisor dealing with Canada immigration for more details on the subject!

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