Does Dual Citizenship Apply To You?

If any individual holds dual citizenship, it simply indicates that he is provided with the citizenship of more than one country. One can obtain multiple or dual citizenship by choice, or by default. However, while submitting a foreign citizenship application, there are certain things that are considered, such as:

  • The  place of your birth
  • Family connection like place of birth of your parents or grandparents
  • Marriage to a overseas national
  • Extended residency in an overseas nation

Dual Citizenship Advantages

  • Opportunities for Employment
  • Access to social programs, for instance: health care, education and pensions
  • Personal ties with more than one nation

Let’s assume you are already holding the citizenship of Canada, and are traveling to the nation of your second citizenship, using your Canadian passport! In such a case, it would certainly be the most reliable and universally accepted document in travel.  However, a Canadian Citizenship certificate is not a travel document.

But, in case you are a citizen of some other nation and are residing outside the country, you can give up your Canada citizenship by submitting an application through any Canadian consulate or embassy aboard.  This procedure may take many months to complete.

You will not be able to obtain a Canadian passport, or ask for assistance from any involved consulate, if you have decided to leave your citizenship of the nation, and thus, become a foreign national to the country.  Even your entry into the nation will be subject to certain strict conditions. You have to meet the criteria to qualify for a visa to enter Canada.

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