Does PR Investor Visa for Canada Motivate You?

The ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, Canada, provides, perhaps, the best established, and also the most widely utilized investment immigration schemes across the whole globe proffering the much sought after permanent resident position to the 1000s of lucky aspirants from throughout the world. Every year, the nation offers the status to roughly 10000 business candidates.

Are you interested in acquiring PR through Investor Visa for the ‘Land of Milk & Honey’, Canada? If yes, then your prospects are quite high. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–the concerned immigration body–has developed the relevant program for the investors and their families. As per the program, successful applicants, and their families, will be granted PR with unconditional Canadian residential visas. And later on, they can become eligible only to file a petition for the prized Canadian citizenship.

The Investor Immigrant Visas are targeted at successful and higher-ranking executives having managerial or administrative experience; or successful proprietors or part-proprietors who have the plan, and also the capability, to make fruitful investments in the nation, for a period 5 years.

To put it differently, the PR Investor Permits are developed especially for people from business class who have enough capital to invest in the nation. Very often, the category is referred as a Canada Investor Visa Class even as it is available only to those who meet the desired criteria.

PR Investor Visa Canada–Eligibility

If you are interested and motivated, you are required a minimum of two years work experience, and also a net worth of CDN$1.6 million. And you must be willing to make an investment of CDN$800,000 with a fixed duration of five years. The complete amount will be refunded later, or you have a choice to make a one-off, non-refundable payment of approximately CDN$120,000 will be expected.

The category is valid only for one business immigration service. Once an applicant has submitted the application for further proceeding, he is not allowed to switch from one to another. The main aim is to attract the immigrants who have enough capital to make an investment, without actually starting a business. The CIC will further divide your invested amount between the participating provinces and territories. The amount will be used for the development of the national economy.

Investor Visa–Advantages

The visa offers several gains to the holders.

  • The category is developed with the aim of attracting immigrants with enough capital and economic skills along with experience so that they can contribute towards the economic development of the country.
  • The category if free from any kind of restrictions. The applicant, along with his family, is absolutely free to travel in and out of the country any number of times, and is also completely free to settle in any part of the nation.
  • An applicant does not necessarily have to be related to a specific occupation.
  • Under the category, once you have successfully spent three years, you are entitled to gain Canadian citizenship.

If you are interested in a particular province, then you may process your application as per your requirements, as many Canadian provinces have their own specific Business Immigration programs. Within their Provincial Nomination Programs (PNP) many of the options available are as follows:

  • Prince Edward Island Partial Ownership
  • Prince Edward Island 100% Ownership
  • Ontario
  • Northwest Territories
  • British Columbia: outside Vancouver & Abbotsford
  • Quebec

The requirement under each category varies from program to program. However, once you have applied under one scheme, you are not eligible to make a switch over so be very sure before you make a final move.


Under the program for PR Investor Visa for Canada, the CIC provides you an excellent opportunity for your partners–married or un-married–to relocate to the nation along with your un-married children below the age group of 22, and common in law partners may also accompany you.

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