Does Quick Canada Immigration by Express Entry Motivate You?

Do you want to quickly immigrate to the ‘Maple Leaf Country’, Canada? If your answer is yes, then quick Canada immigration is possible by Express Entry. The popular program becomes effective from the first week of January 2015. The countdown has already begun as there is only few days for the scheme to start accepting applications. The program is the year’s first program and is expecting a positive response from the prospective immigrants from across the globe.

The soon to be launched program is expecting a positive response with bundle of improvements, such as quick processing time, greater accessibility to the potential immigrates from almost every sector, and sharp focus on the quality of the immigrants. The program is not restrictive in any way and it is wide open to the applicants from any educational background, profession, and age. Further, the program does not have many conditions and is completely online.

Express Entry Scheme is one of its kinds that provide quick immigration into Canada and the aspirants from any occupation are welcome to submit an application. However, it is important for them to meet a minimum passing mark level even as they must be selected by a Canadian Employer.

What makes the program different from other programs is that Express Entry is cap-free, and those selected under the scheme will be quickly granted Canadian Permanent Residency. Each application will be fast processed, and a maximum of six months from the time of submitting an application will be more than enough for a decision to be made.

Allegedly, with the launch of the program, Canadian government will successfully develop a proven record of helping the soon-to-be immigrants successfully immigrate and also help the national economy thrive. From the first week of January, the CIC will be able to select the economic immigrants who will later contribute to the nation’s labor market, national economy, and communities.

Following are the four quick steps that need to be taken:

  1. The first and foremost step is to submit an online Express Entry profile that consists of a set of questions based on the candidate’s education, skills and language proficiency. Thereafter each profile will be ranked against the other candidates.
  2. The potential immigrants, without a job offer from a Canadian Employer, are required to register themselves with the Canada Job Bank. The newly created Job Bank is an excellent platform where each applicant may post his credentials. And employers seeking skilled professionals will search for an applicant who successfully meets their requirements only to offers them a job in Canada.
  • Once all the profiles are duly assessed, the aspirants who successfully meet the required criteria of a federal economic program will be placed in the pool of candidates for Express Entry.
  1. If an applicant is selected by a Canadian employer, through the Job Bank, he will be issued an ‘Invitation to Apply’. He will have a maximum of two months to apply for the PR.
  2. When required, the system will match the skills of the applicants with the requirements of the Canadian labor market identified by the territories, provinces and employers. Once a suitable match is found, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will offer Express Entry to the applicants who may have applied via Federal Skilled Workers Program, or Federal Skilled Trades Program, or Canadian Experience Class Program or the Business Class Program.

Express Entry–Some Quick Facts

  1. Provincial and Territorial government will also be able to use the program to select a portion of applicants for their respected Nominee Programs.
  2. Through the scheme, the CIC is expected to make an initial investment of $14 million in next two years. Subsequently an annual investment of $4.7 million will be made.
  • Applicants–who are invited to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency– may expect a speedy processing of a maximum of six months.
  1. The main importance is on quality rather than quantity.

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