Don’t loiter around in Canada! You could be extradited for this!

Are you an overseas person, who enjoys the permanent residency status in Canada? If YES, here’s something for you which may not be music to your ears! Some available reports suggest that a proposed law–which is presently going through its opening and first reading in the Canadian parliament, and which has sponsorship from non other than the country’s Citizenship, Immigration & Multiculturalism Minister – could be behind the extradition of 1000s of the permanent residents from the nation, for small crimes.

Under a proposed Canadian bill, called Bill C-43 – Faster Removal of Foreign Criminals Act –the status of a Canadian permanent resident, who indulges in a crime, which may invite 6 months behind the bars or above, would be cancelled even while they would be exiled from the nation. Reportedly, it is an act to modify the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act.

A case in point is the teen sensation, Justin Bieber, on whom was hanging the danger of being put behind the bars for 6 months in the US for allegedly physically attacking paparazzi sometime before the current year. In case he enjoyed the status of the US permanent residency, even while the nations were turned- around, the concerned authorities would exile him back to Canada, thanks to a comparable regulation.

The utmost sentence for a summary wrong-doing in the province of the Canadian province of Ontario is 6 months behind the bars. Some cases of summary wrong-doings include: theft, pestering telephone calls, creating a disorder, vagrancy, nasty telephone calls, encroachment at night, unruly behavior, mutilating coins, lingering, decadent theatrical presentations, and community exposure, etc.

The said act would also equip the administration with the authority to cancel the status related to permanent residency for those individuals, who have been put behind the bars for a period of not less than 6 months. It also signifies that in case a person, who enjoys the permanent residency status in the nation, and who has spent 6 months behind the bars, for a comparatively small crime long back, may be extradited from the nation for the same at the present.

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