Doors for Next Intake Round of Saskatchewan PNP 2018 to Be Opened Soon Are You Ready?

Much like other Canadian Provinces that have their own provincial nominee programmes, the province of Saskatchewan, runs and manages its Provincial Nominee Programme (ONP) and it is called the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP). The province, like other Canadian provinces, invites multiple skilled and talented immigrants under its various categories, to fulfill the specific demands and requirements of its labour market & economy.

The province invites candidates and proffers them nomination for the cherished Permanent Residency (PR) in the country on the basis of the annual application quota earmarked to it by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC).

SINP Major Streams

For the trained professionals, the province has the good options of the SINP- Occupation in Demand Sub-category, and the SINP- Express Entry Subcategory. These two specific SINP subcategories enjoy widespread popularity amongst the immigration candidates. It is the primary factor why every application intake of these two specific streams hits its intake upper limit within just a few hours.

SINP-Express Entry & Occupation in Demand—Eligibility Requirements

  1. You need to get not less than 60 points out of 100 up-for-grabs on the point assessment grid of the SINP.
  2. You must possess a proof of lawful standing, in case you are living presently in the country.
  3. You must possess an Express Entry Profile Number and Job Seeker Validation Code (for Express Entry).
  4. You must proffer the language test results from an approved testing agency in agreement with the language level declared in the Express Entry profile, i.e., the minimum CLB 7 (for the occupation in demand category the minimum CLB is 4).
  5. You must have successfully completed not less than 1 year of post-secondary education or training equal to the national education system of Canada, even as it must have led to any of these, namely, a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  6. You must have a bare minimum level of employment experience associated with your domain of education or training in an exceedingly skilled line-of-work (NOC 0, A, or B), which is in-demand in the province.
  7. You must possess not less than 1 of these in the field of education or training profession:

1 year of employment experience during the previous decade in a skilled profession (non-trades) or

2 years of employment experience in a skilled trade during the preceding 5 years or

12 months of employment experience in the Maple Leaf Country during the previous 3 years (trades & non-trades).

  1. You must have proof of eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure, in case your job is controlled in the province, and it necessitates obligatory licensing or certification.
  2. You must be armed with a proof of adequate settlement funds and a settlement plan.

Next Intake Round of Saskatchewan PNP

Saskatchewan PNP Opening Date in 2018

The previous intake date of application for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP) for both SINP OID and Express Entry subcategories was declared in the first month of 2018. Since then, the candidates are reportedly keenly cooling their heels for the subsequent intake for the popular provincial programme.

Despite the fact that Saskatchewan has not formally declared the opening date for the subsequent intake, as per the information one has on the issue, the SINP is likely to open its intake either in the month of April or May in 2018. Given nearly 3 months of have passed since the previous draw, it is likely that the launch date of the next intake would be just round the corner.

The federal government has huge yearly immigration target (310,000); it has massive target for its provincial counterparts also (55,000). And this pressurizes the different provincial administrations to declare their PNP sooner than later with Saskatchewan being no exception.

Get Your Immigration File Ready Quickly

In case you want to submit an application for the approaching intake of the SINP, check with a skilled immigration and visa consultancy. With their expert help and guidance, get your immigration file ready before long, so that you may submit an application as soon the doors of the category are thrown wide open for the aspirants like you. Any delays in applying in the SINP intake could result in you losing your spot in the list of the successful invitees.

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