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You know something — with the professional and experienced US Investor Visa Consultants, helping and guiding you at each and every stage of the crucial and life-changing visa application process for the US Immigration, you can not only get the visa but also become a permanent resident in the country inside a short period of time, but also acquire the nation’s prized citizenship.

This will be only possible, of course, if you fulfill the different terms and conditions as laid down by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). And, if you get the US passport, the whole world will be your playground and you may move minus any restrictions and without a visa to nearly 160 nations of the world.

Among the many overseas immigration destinations, for making profitable investments, the US occupies a very high place. Despite all the criticisms directed against the incumbent US Government of being anti-immigration and almost shutting the doors of the country for the migrants, especially from the Indian sub-continent, the fact remains the US is still one of the finest places for making profitable investments and doing rewarding business.

US Investor Visa Consultants
US Investor Visa Consultants

EB-5 Programme

The USCIS runs this popular and useful investment plan. Under it, the entrepreneurs (and their partners & unmarried kids below 21 years) are qualified to submit an application for Permanent Residence (PR) or Green Card, in case they make the required investment in a money-making venture in the country; and plan to either generate or continue 10 permanent full-time employment opportunities for the trained US employees.

You can opt for this popular programme and make the grade using the assistance and guidance given by the professional US Investor Visa Consultants. Expand your business and take it the dizzying heights of your professional glory, riding high on the domain expertise and experience of the well-known players in the field; for instance, Abhinav!

Check out the step by step information for EB-5 Visa in below video:


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