Dual Citizenship Discouragement – Reasons!

There are many reasons as to why dual citizenship is not promoted. Some of the technical reasons for its rejection include the following-

  • The confusion in the military obligation is the foremost. There is always a scope where people might have to obey to national service. However, this is no more a mandatory issue in many of the nations. But then, there are still many treaties that exist some of which are multilateral and bilateral in nature.
  • Citizenship of one particular country is the main criteria to determine the permissible domestic law. This is in accordance with the international law. This is especially true for the area where the family resides and the inheritance law. To avoid confusion with reference to the law that applied dual citizenship is generally discouraged.
  • Imposition of double taxation is another aspect which an individual might be subject to. A country has the authority to impose tax laws on all its citizens irrespective of whether they reside in the country or not. So, an individual might have to pay double taxes – one for his country of residence and other for his native country.
  • Legal protection is another aspect which is in jeopardy. There might be confusion related to which state being responsible for the legal protection of the citizen. There are chances of conflict if a particular nation stands on behalf of its citizen where in the citizen is actually the resident of another country.

Due to the above reasons, some countries decide it best not to encourage dual citizenship.

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