Duties of a Mechanical Engineering Technologist and Technician!

If you are looking forward to immigrate to the Canadian province of Quebec and pursue the occupation of a mechanical engineering technologist/technician, then here is a little information that may help you. Let’s have a look at the main duties attached to this occupation in Quebec:

  • A mechanical engineering technologist/technician is responsible for providing technical assistance.
  • A mechanical engineering technologist/technician also works independently in areas like mechanical engineering fields.

The Canadian province of Quebec had about 4,000 professionals engaged in the occupation of mechanical engineering technologist/technician in the year 2008. Out of the total, 92 percent workers were men. In the same year, 94 percent mechanical engineering technologists and technicians were full-time workers in the province. As per the 20015 stats, the average gross annual income of a full-time mechanical engineering technologist/technician was 54,000 Dollars.

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