Duties of a Butcher and Meet Cutter: Butchery in Quebec!

There is scope for everyone in the Canadian province of Quebec. People who are intending to immigrate to the province and take up butcher/meat cutter as their occupation, then let me tell you Quebec offers great deal of job opportunities for them. But, it is important for one to learn little about the Canadian labor market before they land in the province, as well as about the occupation. Here are few main duties a butcher/meat cutter is entitled to:

  • A butcher/meat cutter/fishmonger is responsible for making standard cuts of meat and fish before selling them to different retain/wholesale food businesses.

The occupation of butcher/meat cutter is not regulated in Quebec. Individuals intending to take the occupation must receive the workplace apprenticeship program, offered by ‘Emploi-Québec’.

The province had about 8,000 individuals engaged in this occupation in the year 2008. The same year, about 81 percent of the butchers/meat cutters were employed in full-time jobs. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full-time butcher/meat cutter in Quebec was 29,000 Dollars.

This is just an overview of the occupation of a butcher/meat cutter. To know more about the same, as well as the Canadian labor market for other occupations, we must contact an Immigration and Visa Consultant! A professional would guide you right path and help you through the process of immigration!

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