Duties of Plastic Products Assembler, Finisher and Inspector: Composite Materials in Quebec!

The occupation set of plastic products assemblers/finishers and an inspector is in high demand in the Canadian province of Quebec. If you are looking forward to immigrate to Canada and thinking of taking up this occupation, then Quebec makes the right destination for you. Before deciding anything, it is always recommended you educate yourself about the labor market of the province, as well as Canada, and of course the occupation. Now, let us discuss some of the main duties of attached to this occupation:

  • Plastic products assemblers/finishers/inspectors in Quebec are entitled to their respective tasks of for assembling, finishing and inspecting various plastic ensembles and other finished products

Individuals in this occupation groups find many engagements in the Canadian province. Plastic manufacturing establishments; aircraft manufacturing divisions that deal with manufacturing of plastic parts employ them in Quebec. These occupations are not regulated in Quebec.

Quebec had about 4,000 individuals in these occupations in the year 2008. About 95 percent of these workers were engaged in full-time jobs in the province the same year. As per the 2005 stats, the average yearly income of a full-time worker was 30,000 Dollars.

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