EB-5 Investor Permit Scheme Requires Better Supervision, Law: Observers

As per some US observers, despite the fact that the task of improving the country’s immigration structure is not meeting with much success–as the American Congress gets more thorough and systematic in its study of what elements ought to be kept, what should be disposed-of, and what ought to be changed—good ideas for restructuring the arrangement are surfacing. They (observers) add that one such good idea is an amendment to improve the EB-5 investor permit scheme, even as it offers a technique of gaining an American Green Card for those overseas people who make investments in the country.

Allegedly, the goal of the EB-5 plan is to maintain and improve employment across the US. In the backdrop of the same, the US Congress may take certain additional measures, which would reorganize the procedure and also improve results. And these efforts may also prove decisive towards controlling the reported exploitation inside the EB-5 scheme, and also offer better transparency for the investors, arbitrators, & enforcement supervisory bodies.

To begin with, the Congress would do well to improve the bar for qualification meant for the EB-5 regional center aspirants. To obtain regional center approval, the candidates ought to be in a position to show that they possess the capability to bring real projects, via their regional center; have a good background of successful ventures in the industry region under their control; and they are completely fulfilling all appropriate state and federal regulations & directives. The same is consistent with the goal of the EB-5 system that real employment-opportunities be generated across the country.

Next, the Congress would do well to set-up accelerated processing for the regional centers (along with their linked investors) whose projects document big figures of the US jobs or have high dollar values. Further, for these regional centers, it would be better if the concerned organization, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), would take a maximum of 6 months to process the I-526 forms.

EB-5 Visa Program

For those not tuned in, or who came in late, the EB-5 scheme is basically a federal investment permit scheme duly managed by the USCIS. As mentioned elsewhere, the objective of the EB5 program is to inspire investment and generate jobs, via keeping aside a bank of EB5 Permit Green Cards for those trained investors from out-of-the-country, who invest funds into suitably sanctioned EB-5 ventures. The US firms are in a position to employ the given investment for the business ventures, which successfully cater to the scheme’s eligibility conditions, like; for instance, business growths, development, and/or adding capability.

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