All You Need To Know About EB-5 Visa For USA

As per some international observers, perhaps no country in the world matches the credibility of the USA when it comes to investment. If one is looking for a stable economy where he can easily multiply his hard-earned money, then surely he cannot afford to ignore one country and that is the USA. The person should start thinking of applying for EB-5 Visa for the USA.

USA EB-5 Visa

It is basically an employment based category for business investors and widely popular the world over as EB-5 Visa. Till the 1990 Act of Immigration was not introduced, it was not possible for a foreign investor to acquire Permanent Residence (PR) in the country irrespective of the fact he, as an investor, was willing to make a huge investment.

The US Congress introduced the EB-5 Visa for the USA with the aim to draw foreign investors who were able to create fresh job opportunities and stimulate the national economy. It is one of the easiest passages for those who have a net worth of at least US $1 million to acquire the much desired US Green Card (Permanent Residency).

Now let’s discuss the visa is detail!

All those who wish to acquire PR, via the EB-5 Visa, must meet the specific requirements set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Generally, the investor is expected to make an investment of fixed amount, create fresh jobs for local people, and make sure that his business well qualifies to receive the invested amount under the category.

The applicant may bring along his immediate family members, i.e., spouse, and children below 21. They stand eligible to enjoy the status of Green Card (Permanent Residency), once all necessary requirements have been met and the application approved by the USCIS.

EB-5 Visa For USA–Required Investment

The programme is rather flexible and it requires one to make an investment of net $1,000,000 in a Commercial Enterprise with the ability to create at least 10 fresh job opportunities for the US citizens. This excludes the primary investor and his immediate family members. Alternatively, if one wishes to invest in Targeted Employment Area (TEA), high unemployment or rural area, he will have to make an investment of $500,000.

Targeted Employment Area (TPT)

The USCIS has defined the TPT as an area which is rural with not more than 20,000 people. It has an unemployment rate of 150% of the national average age. Each state may designate a geographical area within the state that may be declared as a TPT. As per a survey conducted by the USCIS, approximately 30% of the PR under the category has been reserved for those who show an interest in investing in a TPT.

There are two different ways to make an investment

EB-5 Programme

First is the EB-5 Programme under which one makes an investment of either $1,000,000 or $500,000. The amount should be legally obtained. The investor must be experienced in playing an important role in policy formation or managing the day-to-day activity.

Regional Center Pilot Programme

And the second option is Regional Center Pilot Programme. The US Congress introduced the programme in the early 90s. The USCIS has the authority to entitle eligible immigrants as Regional Centers who may accept EB-5 investment amount. It is a well planned investment programme for both private and public enterprises.

The plan is already successful in some specific countries, like Australia and India. From time to time the programme has been amended and for this year its expiry date is fixed to September 30, 2015.

EB-5 Visa For USA–News Update

As per a report pouring in straight from the USA, the EB-5 Programme creates private investment at a time when other policy channels has not been able to do so. The EB-5 scheme generated not less than $5.2 billion in private investment from 2005 to 2013.

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