Effects of Australian Budget on Immigration

Australia’s government recently announced its budget, just few days before election in Australia. Along with an initiate to curb down tax-invasion by multinational companies, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announced facets which would directly or indirectly have a colossal effect on country’s immigration. Let’s have a look:

  1. Department of Immigration fee would see a hike of 5.14% July 1, 2019 onwards.
  2. Paymentof a 2nd installment, also known as “Second VAC fees’ typically applies for those who don’t meet Standard English requirements. This is normally paid once the applicant clears all the primary visa requirements. No change has been seen in this facet
  3. Capping for General Skilled Migration is reduced to from 190,000 to 160,000for the next four years. Within this cap, there has been an allocation of 23,000 places majorly for areas outside the large capital areas to curb down pressure on the latter. This allocation will work the same way like the current geographically-restricted visas work.
  4. November 2019 onwards, applicants can claim additional points if the spouse/partner is younger than 45, should have proficiency in English language/god test results in English and a specialized skill that can be accessed.
  5. Ongoing RSMS Subclass 187 and Skilled Regional Subclass 489 will discontinue from 1st November 2019, making way for two new visas: Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) and Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional)
  • Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa: It is for those who will be sponsored by an employer in regional Australia.
  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa: This visa is for applicants who gain a nomination by a State or Territory government/ sponsorship by a family member who currently lives and has employment in Australia, along with fulfilling other requisites
  1. Year 2021 onwards, SC485 International Graduates who will commencing Bachelors or Post-Graduation courses in regional Universities, there would be an additional 12-month second post study visa which would be given for three years, provided these students continued to live in respective regional places for the beginning two years.
  2. Destination Australia Program: This is a scholarship program announced by the Government of Australia aiming to support both Australian and International students (a Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualification). To study in regional areas. Aim is to offer more than 1000 scholarships of $15,000 per year so that these students can meet up their educational and living expenses.
  3. Trade Recognition Australia (TRA) fees: A hike in the fee structure might be seen in coming times. The new fee could expected be as below

Assessment Fee Documentary Evidence – AUD900; Pathway 1 Fee – Technical Interview – AUD2, 000;Pathway 2 Fee – Technical Interview – AUD900; Fee for Practical Assessment – AUD2, 200; Fee for Reassessment of Documentary Evidence – AUD450; Pathway 1 Fee – Technical Reassessment – AUD1, 000; Pathway 2 Fee – Technical Reassessment – AUD 450; Fee for Practical Reassessment – AUD1, 100

  1. Annual cap for WHV (Subclass 462) for Indonesiancitizens: This will see a hike, almost double its number, reaching 5000 from 2500 in next six years.

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