Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneur Long Term Visa of New Zealand

A long term business visa grants the immigrants to start their own business or making a joint venture with other companies located in the country which they apply for. The said visa category is not limited only for this; in fact the permanent residence facility is also offered to the applicants under this program. Accompanied with quick procedure, the Entrepreneur visa is an easiest way to access New Zealand and get citizenship of the country. In order to apply for business visa, you need to go through Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneur Visa Category of New Zealand, a way to assess the candidate’s background and capability of business establishment in New Zealand.

The Entrepreneur visa paves the way for those immigrants who have a wonderful plan to settle in the most graceful country in the world by making their own business establishment. Consisted of several steps, the first step of Entrepreneur visa involves filling the application form, plays a great role in issuing visa, and requires lots of information related to candidate’s personal life. The applicants then submit the filled application form and wait for approval. Once, your application get approval by immigration authorities, you will be awarded with 9 months work visa permit. The above mentioned fact will take place only if you satisfy every single point of Eligibility Criteria for Entrepreneur Visa Category of New Zealand. Here is an important look of all such steps.

1)  The  candidates must be able to prove that they are successfully operating a business in the country since two years by making a proper investment with lawful working
2)  The business should be beneficial for New Zealand for economic perspective
3)  The candidates must be able to fulfill health and character requirements
4)  The candidates must be able to demonstrate their proficiency in English language
5)  The candidates must not have taken assistance from the New Zealand welfare group
6)  The candidates must have deposited the investment capital with the country

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