Eligibility criteria for Singapore Global Investor Program

Thanks to Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) for introducing a much renowned Global Investor Programthat is only meant to cater the needs of overseas investors as it offers several options for investment. Encouraging the investment in-flows, the said program opens the doors of Singapore for global investors and became a highly acceptable method for enhancing the employment and economic growth.

Migrating under the said program lets you grab an investment option in various sectors include clean energy, biomedical science and many more. More and more, the GIP’s extensive provisions also make them authorize to invest in the country’s economy without any restriction.

The GIP is the best option for a senior corporate manager who may also avail several benefits of the GIP. The applicants applying for the GIP require fulfilling the following eligibility criteria.

a) Must possess at least 3 years of business experience with good record and audited financial statements

b) Must be able to show an annual turnover of minimum 10 million (SGD) in the current year and same as an average turnover during the last three years

c) The applicants must possess an ownership right in business

d) Must be able to show their a substantial role in business operations and profitability

Moreover, a senior corporate manager who wishes to apply for the GIP must meet some additional requirements that have been listed as follows.

a) Must be having a minimum experience of 10 years in corporate management

b) Must possess C-level (CEO, CFO, CTO) position in the company

C) Present company’s turnover must be at least 100 million (SGD)

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