Employment in South Australia on Sponsorship

A job in South Australia under sponsorship is no better way of settling as a permanent resident.  The workers’ skill matched to the state occupation list paves way for selection into desired position.  The South Australia State Sponsorship Occupation list 2012 is updated on a regular basis by the South Australia State Government.  Different sponsorship occupational lists from different states and regions of Australia are provided online invites the overseas applicants.

This skilled migration process of Australia has improved the economic needs of the state and saved the burden of searching and selection of workers for their respective organisations in the region.  The applicants apply for the chosen job on the list. With the data provided in EOI using the Skillselect online services the Australian employers choose the applicant inviting to fill the application form under the subclass visa of General Migration Skilled Visa.

The South Australia State Sponsorship Occupation list 2012has to be approved by the State Migration Plan.  Different lists are allotted under different categories of skilled visas.  The sponsored interim list is different from the State sponsored Migration list.  The lists so released are mainly for engineers, computer professionals, teachers, analysts, managers, business professionals, medical practitioners, trade workers, technicians, etc.

The occupational list is released mentioning the band score required for the job.  The score points can be obtained by clearing the IELTS test.  The higher positions require the candidate to score at least 7.5 in the IELTS test along with work experience and age.  Sponsorship by the state or territory or government is done only based on work experience and English language competencies.

To qualify for the South Australia State Sponsorship Occupation list 2012 the applicant must meet the criteria imposed by the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The latest application will be processed within a stipulated time of 14 weeks.  This is subject to change as per the applications received at the time.

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