Employment: The biggest magnet drawing illegal immigrants to US!

Immigration enforcement is required for maintaining national security, law-order, protection of the rights of citizens and strengthening the economy of the nation. The bottom line of all the immigration reforms is to curb illegal immigration. Lots of attention has been laid to the border security, however, to bring down the levels of the illegal immigrants, the hiring of illegal entrants have to be brought down drastically.

Most of the illegal immigrants gain entry in to US for better employment prospects. They usually overstay their temporary visas. The employment of the unlawful immigrants has been illegal since 1986. If this law was successfully enforced many of the illegal entrants would have left the country voluntarily or at least discouraged any further illegal entrants.

Since employment is the most luscious prospect for the illegal entrants, shattering this prospect will serve a better purpose than the usual round-ups and deporting thousands of illegal entrants back to their home country. The policy should target businesses that employ illegal workers and should encourage the employment of honest, qualified and authorized workers.

The revolutionary tool E-Verify can help greatly in this regard. E-Verify is a web-based verification system that is operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and also the Social Security Administra¬tion (SSA). E-verify can accurately determine the authenticity of personal and credential information submitted by the employees. This verification is instantaneous. With an estimated 8 million illegal workers in the US, the mandatory usage of E-Verify at all businesses can reduce the hiring of illegal workers in a big way. This tool along with better law enforcement and higher penalties can reduce the glittery side of employment prospects for illegal immigrants.

The illegal workers after gaining entry in the US follow three ways of getting a job:

  • Fictitious documents: social security number is produced. They present documents showing their legal status or citizenship of US. The social security tax is withheld by the employer while the W-2 tax is filed for the employee.
  • Fake identity is used to gain a lawful employment. The identity of another US citizen is used. This disguise often goes unchecked. The social security tax is withheld by the employer while the W-2 tax is filed for the employee
  • Undocumented employment the challenge is to bring down undocumented employment, this is clearly the toughest

To effectively reduce illegal immigration all of the above issues have to be addressed.

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