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To get permanent immigration for Canada might be a tough pursuit, but when you have been assisted by a renowned Canada Business Immigration Services provider, things can get better easily.

Permanent immigration for Canada has been administered by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)–the body regulating the immigration in the overseas hotspot.

How to Get Permanent Immigration for Canada from India?

The Maple Leaf Country always enchants the different states of India–especially Punjab and Delhi–even as many immigrants from these parts of the country are willing to move to the destination on different visas, including the Business & Investor Visas.

Canada Business Immigration Services
Canada Business Immigration Services

The permanent immigration for Canada from India can materialize on the following programmes:

  • Skilled Immigrants Programme
  • Self-employed Persons Programme
  • Provincial Nominee Programme
  • Quebec Skilled Workers Programme
  • Start-up Visa Programme
  • Sponsorship Programme

As an immigrant, you can pick any of these easy-to-follow visa plans, but as a part of reminded, always ensure that a well-known player offering quality Canada Business Immigration Services is there to help you with the somewhat long drawn out and complex application process.

The Start-up Visa Plan has been quite promising for the purpose of getting the PR status. You can use it as the safest way to get even naturalized in the overseas hotspot.

How You Can Benefit from Permanent Immigration for Canada?

Permission to Live in Canada Permanently

If you have got the opportunity to move to the destination on a PR Visa, the permission to live permanently there is on the cards. With the PR Visa, you can live, work and study in the nation for an indefinite period. Permission to leave and enter the nation can be granted for any number of times. It will be easier and better to work for common benefits with the PR Visa.

Permission to Sponsor Family Members

After you have moved with a PR status, you can apply for naturalization. The naturalization process will convert you into a permanent citizen of the Maple Leaf Country or a Green Card holder. Once you are through with that, it will help you to sponsor your near and dear ones to Canada on a PR Visa.

No Tax on Income outside Canada

The nation’s tax structure has been based on the physical presence of the migrant. So, if you are earning your income outside of the nation as a PR holder, or as a Canadian citizen, you are not liable to pay taxes for the income earned outside.

Access to Subsidized Education

Last but not the least upon getting the PR status, you can get your children funded by the government for the higher education. Even subsidized fees are given to the kin of the visa holder.

These are few benefits that will keep you glued and ensure that you have permanent immigration for Canada in mind at the time of applying for the visa.

Check with your Canada Business Immigration Services provider today, to know more about the nuts & bolts of the visa application process!

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