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If you are keen to move overseas, for greener pastures, apply for an Australian Visa! The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) runs several easy-to-follow visa categories. Choose the one that suits your particular needs and goals the most.

It is a fact that you will not get a better foreign destination than the Kangaroo Land though the world may be dotted with numerous so-called overseas hotspots. But why apply for an Australia Visa and not for any other destination?

What gives Australia an edge?

Well, the Kangaroo Land is one of the most developed global economies. As per a survey report, Melbourne is the most livable city in the whole world for the fifth consecutive year, even as Adelaide, Sydney and Perth also find a place globally in the top eight cities.

While none of the Indian cities has a place in the top 10 cities even some of the top UK cities-such as Manchester and London-are not in the top 10. While the former is placed a poor 46th, the latter fails to even make into the top 50.

As per the survey report, Sydney was also named the most reasonably priced city for the young persons to live during the year gone by, courtesy mainly its high minimum income.

Australia also boasts of some of the finest educational establishments in the world. Its healthcare is also a cut above. Adding to the appeal is the availability of a plethora of rewarding job opportunities in the country.

Which visa to apply for movement?

Well, prior to you begin to pack your bags; the first step is to discover a really good visa option. You cannot possibly just decide to move and then make a move, right?

The nation’s skilled occupations list reveals which employees are most in demand. In case your specific line-of-work is given on the list, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EoI), post which Canberra (or a particular Australian state or territory) may permit you to shift on a permanent basis.

Oz provides several job breaks to the trained experts that enable them to travel here. The gains are shared with the worker getting a wonderful overseas experience in this culturally diverse nation and the Australian economy reaping the developments which assist to improve their manpower.

Top Two Options Visa Options

While the country offers several good visa options for the skilled works, these two are one of the most preferred and helpful.

Check them out!

Temporary Skilled Visa (457 Visa)

It is a widely used way to move to the hotspot. It enables the firms to sponsor workers from out-of-the-country for a maximum period of 4 years, in case their skills are in demand. You can find a list of the jobs qualified for a 457 Visa on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation Lists Australia.

Important: Recently-on 18 April 2017 to be precise- Malcolm Turnbull MP, the incumbent Prime Minister of Australia and Peter Dutton MP, the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection reportedly jointly declared that the visa class will be ended only to be substituted with the completely new Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Visa which will duly support the firms in addressing the real skill scarcities.

Skilled Independent Visa

This type of Work Permit is given to that person who can exhibit that he has the needed expertise and qualifications needed by for a particular line-of-work that has been given under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

This type of Work Permit (distinct from majority of others) does not necessitate the recruiter to sponsor the worker in any manner (such inducements are given since the Kangaroo Land has an enormous deficiency of skilled workers). This is basically for those keen to move to the hotspot.

You can apply for any of the Australian Visa categories discussed above. Check with your visa agent to come to a mature conclusion. He will be the right person to help and guide you not only select the right visa but also successfully apply for an Australia Visa.

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