English Test Mandatory for UK Student Visa!

If you are making your mind to study in the UK, then ensure that you attain proficiency in the English language! The UK Government is planning to make English Test as a mandatory requirement for all those prospective students who are intending to apply for short courses.

A majority of universities make it essential to take English tests, but now the government is planning to make English Test as an essential part of the application process for all the universities.

According to British Deputy High Commissioner, Richard Hyde, several students find it hard to cope up with the British life. In addition, those coming from non-English speaking countries are not articulate enough and face difficulties with their courses.

Also recent news says that the number of Indian students migrating to the UK has shown a massive increase as compared to the last year. 29,000 Indians applied for a UK Student Visa in the year 2008, a figure which rose to 40,000 in the year 2009. Therefore, all universities are making it compulsory to show a proof of the English tests.

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