Everything You Need to Know About UK Entrepreneur Programme

Are you a business professional and interested in starting your own business venture abroad? If your answer is yes, then you will be glad to know that the UK can be the best bet for you. If the UK attracts you, then you can migrate to it through Entrepreneur Programme (Tier 1).

The reasons why the country is the best immigration destination for migrants are:

  • It has low corporation tax rates
  • A company can be registered within 48 hours
  • Some of the best universities in the world are in the UK
  • In the Europe, it has the second largest labor force
  • Officially the UK is committed to provide support to entrepreneurs

The Sovereign state located in Europe is known for its strong economy and high standard of living. Many people prefer to migrate to the nation over any other country in Europe.

UK Entrepreneur Program (Tier 1)

It is a point based programme. You can migrate through the UK Entrepreneur Program (Tier 1) in case you have at least 50,000 British Pounds to invest. In practice, you require a sum of 200,000 British Pounds legally held in a financial institution, you are a non citizen of Switzerland and European Economic Area (EEA), you are committed to establish or run a business venture in the nation, and you successfully meet the other eligibility criteria. You might be eligible to acquire UK PR once you have successfully lived and worked in the country for at least three years.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To qualify, you must score at least 95 points
  • You must be fluent in the English language
  • You must be financial strong to cover your financial stay in the country
  • You must have enough funds to make an investment
  • You must hold the post of director while running a business venture

How long you can stay through Tier 1 (Entrepreneur)

If you have been successfully granted a visa under the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Programme, then you may get visa from four months to three years that can be further extended to two years. And, if you are switching to this category from another category, then your visa can be extended for three years.

Do’s and don’t


  • You can start your own business venture or overtake an existing business one.
  • You be self employed but should meet the terms and conditions for being self-employed.
  • You can bring along your dependent family members.


  • You can’t get public funds.
  • You cannot take up a job or work outside your business venture in anyway.

So far, the programme has given positive results and successfully helped roughly 340 business ventures in the country, has created closer to 1000 new jobs, and successfully raised approximately 1 billion British Pounds investment capital for small and big companies.

UK provides social and moral support to business-professionals through following ways:

  • Assistance while developing a business plan
  • Assistance while relocating to the country
  • Introduce business professionals to new investors
  • Assistance on how to expand their presence globally
  • Provides quality mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Continue providing assistance even after the business professionals have successfully migrated to the UK

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