Everything You Need To Know About US L1 Visa Services

In the US there are some basics that always keep you motivated and help you to always stay ahead. Now, you may be wondering what those basic are. Well, it is dynamic culture, a caring government, the feeling of staying with the lone Super Power of the world, and better payment opportunities. So, people always feel cherished, satisfied and enthused the moment they step on the American soils.

When aspirants are looking for ways that can help them move, no other alternative looks more feasible than the L1. This intra company transfer visa allows easy immigration to the immigration hotspot and you can stay in the nation, emulate yourself from all angles, and then move to your native country, if you so desire.

But there are some special requirements ascertained in the L1 Visa category. If you are going for the L1 Visa, you must have to meet up with the following requirements from the scratch.

  1. The US L1 visa services are granted to managers and executives only who have shown exceptional skills in the discharge of their duties.
  2. As an individual, if you think that you can apply for the L1 Visa, then it almost impossible. In all probabilities, it is imperative that the petitioner should only be your employer for helping you move instantly.
  3. If you are applying for the L1, then you must have worked one full year preceding the date of the application of the permit.
  4. If you have used the L1 Visa for movement to the US, as an executive and manager, you can live in the country for a period of seven year. However, if you are specialized in a particular work, you can live for five years in the nation.
  5. If the company where you work has sponsored the visa, it must be seen that both the firms are interrelated to each other. One should be a parent company and the other one should be its immediate affiliate.

There are always doubts that aspirants have regarding the L1 and H1 Visa. These two visas serve the same person of helping you move to the US. However, the US L1 Visa services are quite different from the H1 Visa services. Take a look and get all those doubts clarified regarding the L1 and H1 Visa in the best way.

When it comes to L1 Visa, the only the company where you are working can file for the movement. But in case with H1, it is entirely different. In the case of the latter, an employer based in the US can straightway hire you for respective post, and grant the H1 Visa to simplify the movement. The basic advantage of the L1 is that there are no quotas and restrictions, so it can be approved to infinity numbers. But, when it comes to H1 then at maximum, in one year, 65,000 H1 Visas are approved.

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