Expand Your Business Overseas Using Bulgarian Business Visa

Bulgarian Business Visa

Are you looking for an attractive overseas destination in Europe for business purposes? Are you looking for a place in Europe which has amazing manufacturing facilities and is strategically located? Are you eager to make it BIG on the global stage and expand your business in not only Europe but beyond? If yes, it is time you migrated to the Republic of Bulgaria with a Bulgarian Business Visa.

Bulgaria, located in the Southeastern Europe, is a highly developed nation. Of late, it has emerged as a wonderful destination for business purposes. The reason: it offers unique opportunities of business to those who are eager to explore the thriving European market, and use the nation as a pitchfork to penetrate other markets as well located around the continent.

Bulgarian Business Visa
Bulgarian Business Visa

It is also a superb overseas destination for permanent settlement, with the reason being its free market economy is flourishing gradually, in the process, giving the power to the go-getting entrepreneurs and investors, from all over the globe, to invest their resources in the country, in return for enormous revenues from its rapidly rising commercial markets.

As per some observers on the subject, Bulgaria is the finest European destination, for operating expenses, entirely in the case of lower expenses on workers and insignificant taxes. It is also the finest place for the cutting–edge manufacturing facilities since it is renowned as the third best soon-to-be nation in the world ‘in the field of manufacturing facilities’.

Against this backdrop, it is hardly a matter of surprise that the nation is regarded a highly preferable place for the business leaders even as it will be a great option for you as well and you should apply for the Bulgarian Business Visa.

Bulgarian Business Visa

These visas legally valid for 3 to 6 months are offered with single or double entry permits. Since these are temporary visas, the holders are denied the right to accept a position of employment throughout their stay in the country. The visa is perfect for those outsiders who require making a trip to the nation for business stuffs, like for instance, conferences or meetings.

Bulgarian Business Visa Requirements

  1.  A passport with not less than 6-month legitimacy.
  2.  1 passport-type photograph.
  3.  A letter from the firm in the candidate’s nation clearly mentioning the period and also object of his tour. It should also have the applicable Business particulars.
  4. A letter of invitation from a firm in Bulgaria duly attested by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.
  5. An Insurance Policy issued by an Insurance Firm.
  6. Return fully confirmed Ticket.
  7. Hotel Booking.
  8. Bank statements for the previous 3 months.
  9. Tax returns for the preceding 3 years.
  10. Evidence of adequate funds for the stay in the overseas hotspot with not less than EUR 50 every day.

Important: Personal appearance is needed for every candidate visiting Bulgaria for the first time.

Facility of Permanent Residence Permit

Those, keen to obtain the prized Permanent Residence (PR) Permit in the country, ought to reside for a minimum of 5 years in the country. Afterwards, they may gain the facility of the PR in the nation, in view of the long-term stay conditions, which are mentioned here as under:

  1. The first step to get a PR Permit is to submit an application for a long term stay that is legally valid for a period of 1 year and that may be duly renewed post every year.
  2. A long term stay permit may be given to those with a D-type visa and who cater to other requirements, which are mentioned here under:

D-type Visa is given of two kinds:

A long-term residence visa is proffered for a validity term of a maximum of 6 months with its entitlement of a maximum of 6 months (180 days).

A long-term residence visa is offered with the validity period of a maximum period of 1 year and permitted for 360 days (12 months) to those who are doing the scientific research and also for the students under one-year education plan, scholars or trainees, foreigners on business trips on the behalf of an overseas recruiter, for completing any specific tasks related to the control and management of the executive of a tourist services contract, and also the businessmen who want to start business trips on the behalf of an overseas investor, to settle investments which are duly validated.

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