Want To Open Or Expand New Business In US?

It’s a known fact the US is an extremely developed country. It has one of the largest and the strongest economies in the whole world. Globally, it has been recognized as the most prominent political force. The immigration hotspot has all the facilities that immigrants may desire for. The Federal Republic Country is an ideal nation to not only join the thriving American workforce but also if you want to open or expand a new business in the US.

Are you ambitions as high as the sky? Do you want to excel as a business professional, or rather want to expand your business internationally? If your answer is affirmative, then you will be happy to know that the US has a bright future for you.

For all those who want to open or expand a new business in the US, you may easily do so with the right business plan, or existing set up, and by acquiring the right kind of visa that will allow you to easily commute between the strongest economy and your native country.

Some of the options available are:

1)         B1 visa: It is a non-immigrant visa category and especially developed to meet the demands of business professionals. And those who business specialists who intend to travel to the US for certain business related activities may apply for B1 visa. The term ‘business’ is restricted to just negotiation of contracts and consultation with different business associates.

What to avoid under B1 Visa

The permit is strictly restricted to business purpose only. Under no circumstances you cannot enroll in other activities, such as to study or to join an office. Anyhow you are not liable to pay taxes on your business allowances. The visa can be extended but is a sole subject of approval. But, you are permitted to rent a place of residence, drive and open a bank account.

2)         L1 Visa: It is a non immigrant category which allows the employees of various companies operating from the US and abroad to transfer certain professionals to come and handle the operational task from the US office. Initially, a visa will be granted for three years and it can be extended further on a request. The maximum duration of stay under the category is restricted to just seven years.

An applicant may apply for the American Residence Permit without jeopardizing their prevailing L1 status. And it does not require an approval from Department of Labor, and the plus point is that to be eligible an applicant does not require a specific qualification in any discipline. An individual can be issued an L1 Visa even if he wants to establish a branch office in the US.

The US is a dream country offering numerous opportunities. A business venture operational in the nation is a surety of intensive growth and economic prosperity. However, the immigration procedure is tough ensuring only the best gets an opportunity to touch the shores of the hot immigration destination.

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