Explore The Ocean of Opportunities via Immigration to Australia!

Immigration to Australia

Australia-also known as “The land of Plenty”-has rightfully lived up to its name by being the sixth largest country in the world at over 3 million square miles that boasts of ‘plenty’ of natural wonders such as coast, serene islands, reefs, vibrant mountains, a diverse range of wildlife, to name a few. Let’s discuss more about Immigration to Australia.

In addition to being a home to a huge diversity of natural beauty, the nation’s culture is also as diverse as its landscape. It’s multicultural and multiracial society respects the rights and obligations of all who reside here. This is also reflected in the 2015 Mapping Social Cohesion survey which revealed that 86% of the nationals agree that multiculturalism has been beneficial for the country.

Therefore, approximately, 34, 874 Indians migrate to Australia annually drawn by the work opportunities and impeccable education system offered there in.

Bearing in mind the facts that due to its low population density coupled with a large economy, high standard of living and excellent infrastructure; Down Under provides ‘plenty’ of job opportunities which attract a huge number of skilled immigrants every year. However, to fully utilize them one must do their homework to become wholly acquainted with the procedure to find a job.

Once you’ve decided upon getting involved with Immigration to Australia and working there, you also need to decide which city, territory, or state you’re going to settle in which leads to finding the details of in-demand occupations in that location, via the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), and apply for them.

The second most crucial step is to get your skill assessment done from a relevant assessment authority followed by obtaining the appropriate score in English Proficiency Test. With the completion of the aforementioned steps, you can now submit an application online (On SkillSelect) choosing the right occupation to apply.

Once you’re through with this and your profile is considered for visa, you will receive the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residency Australia. You must keep your essential documents ready while filling the application.

The next key step is apply for the jobs in the country, through various ways such as job sites, creating a LinkedIn profile, applying in MNCs, and applying directly online.

It’s often recommended that to seek assistance and support from a well-known and experienced immigration consultancy for a proper guidance, knowledge and follow ups. Check with others before you decide to use the professional services of any service provider, to be on the safer side. There is no dearth of unscrupulous players in the market.

Australia is a vast ocean of opportunities, with its innovative economy and one of the world’s best academic and research institutions, for anyone who is willing to explore and determined to enjoy its benefits. You just need to dive in.

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