Express Entry Canada 2015 for Skilled Workers—Innovative Programme for Swift Immigration

The new Express Entry programme, launched by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), introduces the entire requirements which an aspiring migrant need to fulfill for the purpose of immigration to the nation. Its appealing features appear like welcoming arms to all those aspirants who wish to settle in the Maple Leaf Country. Express Entry Canada 2015 for Skilled Workers is formulated in such a way that it hardly leaves any scope of failure or rejection.

Basically, the immigration of skilled workers depends on the six selection factors which will decide if the aspirant is eligible for immigration. His application is judged on the point’s grid. The six factors affecting the selection procedure are:

  1. Language skills–the knowledge of two main languages, English and French, will help the candidates successfully establish in the Canada. The familiarity with the French language will help in understanding the signs and boards, apart from easy communication with the residents. Moreover, the language skill of the aspirants will help in grabbing the Canadian job. An applicant can score maximum 28 points under this.
  2. Education–the education of the applicant will help him get an easy and hassle-free entry to the nation. The chances stand higher for those candidates who possess higher educational degree. It’s an additional benefit if the aspirant has studied in any institute of Canada or its province. Education helps the aspirant in scoring 25 points. To grab these valuable points, the applicant has to get his credential suitably assessed by the CIC.
  3. Work experience–experience of work, no doubt, plays an important role in the entire migration process where upon increasing the chances of immigration. No wonder, more experienced applicant grabs more points under this point grid. A maximum of 15 points can be achieved for work experience.
  4. Age—the Maple Leaf Country is regarded as the land of youngsters. These people, with innovative talent and ideas, are very much wanted in the nation. The applicant in the younger age will secure more points, as compared to the older individuals. Age helps in getting a maximum of 12 marks. In this the age slab, 18-35 age people score the maximum.
  5. Job offer–the applicant with a job offer from Canadian government or from the employer of any province qualifies for immigration under Express Entry Canada 2015 for skilled workers. A full time job offer from a Canadian employer helps in getting 10 points. Job should be arranged before applying for immigration.
  6. Adaptability–last, by no means least, the aspirant’s adaptability to successfully settle in Canada is another point scoring factor which will ease out the way of immigration for the skilled worker. The aspirant gets 10 points for his adaptability in the nation.

The aspiring migrant needs to obtain 67 points out of 100 points bench mark. The chances of immigration stand fair for the aspirant who grabs more points on the 6-point grid. The applicant securing less than this will not be allowed to migrate.

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