Yes Express Entry Exciting for Skilled Workers Around World!

If one has to ask someone to categorize some countries where growth and development is at its highest point, two countries would resonate in the mind in its clearest form–Canada and the US. If you talk about the latter, movement is pretty tough there since the country follows the strongest immigration laws. However, if one has to look for a less rigid immigration then the latter is the best to resort.

This country has all the features that the US has. In fact, on some parameters, it even surpasses the US. So, if you possess penchant for Canada, this year you can make things work in the best way with the movement to this country using the Express Entry programme. Now, you may ask what Express Entry is. Express Entry is exciting for skilled workers around the world and it provides leverage only to skilled workers to move to Canada for work.

In the Maple Leaf Country, there are some sectors that are reeling under labor shortage, especially, in those provinces where cold prevails. So, the country has launched a new programme that considers experience and expertise to streamline the movement. Under the Express Entry system, you need to show the express of interest to streamline the movement. It is pretty easier to file for nomination.

You just have to make your profile on the Express Entry online registration portal; you would be asked certain basic questions to evaluate your eligibility. Once that thing is done, then you would be streamlined into the next process. The next procedure deals with the entry of your name in the Express Entry pool from where draws are conducted to pick those applicants who can best meet with the requirement of the concerned authorities.

Under the Express Entry system, you can move to Canada under three programmes

Federal Skilled Workers Programme

It takes skilled workers in the consideration. So, if you are moving through this scheme, then you must be indulged in that work that is mentioned in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). At the same time, it is imperative to have 1,560 hours of work experience in one full year. If you furnish this experience, then you must also submit your last one year’s salary slip to ascertain that you were under the payroll of the company.

Federal Skilled Trades Programme

This is the second category that the Express Entry considers for streamlining the movement. In the trades programme, you will not be given the green signal to enter Quebec. So, if you are applying under this programme, then keep the province aside from the list. Under the scheme, you can only move to Canada, provided that the trade you were engaged in is mentioned in the Maple Leaf Country, and the trades are specifically demanded there in.

Canadian Experience Class

The experience class deals with people who are real cream. If you are applying for this, then you should be stupendous with your language proficiency and you must show the flare of writing. It is must thing to do.

Express Entry is exciting for skilled workers across the world. However, to earn it requires more than just plain simple effort.

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