Express Entry Fuelling Canada Immigration’s Worldwide Popularity

The pace and quality of immigration to Canada, especially skilled Canada immigration, has improved dramatically, post the official launch of the Express Entry in 2015, if we go by the available reports and data on the subject.

While Express Entry has transformed the manner skilled workers are allowed entry to country, Canada immigration has gained more popularity and acceptance across the globe, particularly in the community of the global skilled workers, keen to get permanent residency overseas and live and do a job in one of the finest global economies.

The Canadian Government and the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), on their part, have been leaving no stones unturned whatsoever to make Express Entry better, and the Canada immigration process, through it, improved and restructured.

Canada Immigration
Canada Immigration

No wonder, of late, there have been several visa and immigration changes for the plan even as the number of Invitations to Apply (ITAs) has also been jumping and the minimum Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) decreasing, to enable the entry of skilled workers to the country in the most hassle-free way and with the bare minimum CRS total.

The result: the pace of Canada immigration has gained more steam even as Canada has consolidated its enviable position in the list of the top overseas destinations.

At present, if we talk about the topmost overseas destinations for immigration, perhaps, the Maple Leaf Country will be found sitting right at the top with, maybe, Australia close on its heels, or is it the other way around? Whatever could be the scenario, there’s no denying the fact that the concept of immigration to Canada is red hot and the love for the hotspot skyrocketing.

While we are on the subject of Canada immigration and Express Entry, let’s check this news report that involves both!

Under Latest Express Entry Draw 3,000 Invites to Apply for PR Sent

As per a report, Ottawa has sent invites to 3,000 applicants for Canada immigration. These Canada immigration motivated aspirants have been asked to submit an application for Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada under the Express Entry Programme. The invites were sent in a draw that occurred recently–on February 21 to be precise–even as 442 was the cut-off CRS for the draw.

Significantly, under the previous draw that took place on February 7 an identical number of ITAs were sent to the candidates interested in immigration to Canada. It marks the second successive draw in which 3,000 applicants received an invite.

Interestingly, both the draws saw the figure of the ITAs given jump by 250 over the preceding five draws. What is more interesting is that even that the cut-off total of 442 is the same that one saw in the preceding draw–which as mentioned earlier–occurred on February 7.

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