Are You Aware Express Entry Used to Manage Applications for Permanent Residence?

If you go by record, these numbers would numb you, but this is a reality. Every year, almost 2, 00,000 people are allowed to enter Canada as permanent residents. Now you may construe that your probabilities of redeeming yourself as permanent resident of Canada is not bleak.

Though Express Entry is used to manage application for permanent residence (PR), the concerned visa authorities back there are always eager to entertain skilled and bright minds to come in the nation and work, and their prime motive is not just to attract them to come to the country, rather, retain them and make sure that they never return back.

During the past, the process of obtaining permanent residency was complex in Canada. But, the authorities understood by their mistake and they brought new and fresh innovative amendments, and this has materialized for the economy. So, with the rise of Express Entry system in the horizon, the probabilities of making you way to the nation and transforming it into your abode has become easier than ever.

If you want to avail the Permanent Residency, you can do so under the following categories:

  1. Skilled Worker Class Migration ( Functional through Express Entry)
  2. Business Class Immigration
  3. Provincial Nomination
  4. Family Class Immigration
  5. Quebec- Selected Immigration
  6. International Adoption

If you are moving under the first class, Express Entry is used to manage application for permanent residence. So, you must adhere to the age, experience, language proficiency educational qualification, and adaptability that the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the parameter to determine the movement seeks.

In all probability, you must score in excess of 735 points out of 1,200 points, for facilitating your movement. If you score the desired score, not only you are deemed eligible for movement, but also you can apply for PR even while it will just take 60 days once you land in the Maple Leaf Country for the application to get the approval.

If you intend to move under the second category i.e. the Business Class immigration, for getting the PR, you need to invest C$4, 00,000, and your net worth should be C$8, 00,000. At the same time, it is not just about the money; rather, you must have considerable experience to help the immigration authorities take decisive action against your application.

Provincial nomination can also help you shift to this country and apply for PR. But, in order to streamline that, you must have the skills and experience that the province lacks and you can make a difference once you are there in that province.

For Family class immigration, this is the simplest and easiest form of immigration and even it allows you to apply for PR also. All that is needed under this immigration is sponsorship from any of your relatives who are based in Canada, and who have stayed there for more than three years.

Quebec immigration is another such immigration that allows you to settle there. This province has few people living there, so the authorities are always looking to facilitate more movement there. You can move to Quebec and Express Entry can facilitate that. In case you are selected for any profession, you can use the Express Entry to get permanent residency.

When it comes to International adoption, if any Canadian family is willing to adopt children who are from different country, then they can do so through this international adoption provision, and once done, the children would get PR in Canada.

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