Expressions of Interest Selected- The First Draw Under Skilled Migrant Category In 2010!

Recently, this year’s first draw for expressions of Interest (EOI) for the category of Skilled Migrant took place. The draw on January 13, picked up a total number of 593 Expressions of Interest. Now that the selection of the EOI is over, the selected applications would be processed for preliminary check. The check will determine if the applicants would be issued with an invitation to apply for New Zealand residency.

Below are a few highlights of the draw taken place on January 13, 2010:

  • A total number of 483 Expressions of Interest, with total points of 140 or more being selected this time.
  • A total number of 110 Expressions of Interest, with total points of 100 or above, (however, below 140) being selected.
  • Out of the 593 applications, a total number of 521 Expressions of Interest were from those who have New Zealand job offers.

The first Expressions of Interest draw of 2010 under the aforementioned category brought disappointment to many applicants who wished to immigrate to the Kiwi land. A total of 631 Expressions of Interest were not selected. These EOIs remain in the pool, for the applicants might have met the general requirements needed to immigrate to New Zealand, but they could not satisfy the criteria set for the Expressions of Interest pool selection.

Now, these applications will be in the pool for three months and may get selected in another draw in the near future. However, if the EOIs are not selected after three months, the applicants may require to submit Expressions of Interest again!

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