Extending Your “Temporary Stay” in Canada

Canada welcomes people with arms wide open and a big smile on its face! Every year, people from all over the globe visit this amazing country with plenty of dreams in their eyes. Depending upon the purpose of visit, applicants are required to fulfill certain mandatory requirements in order to acquire a visa (for instance Temporary Resident Visa, in this case)
Visitors are allowed to stay temporarily in Canada for a maximum of six months, but in exceptions, they may be allowed to extend their stay for which they have to apply for “extension.” It is mandatory to send your “extension” application at least a month before the expiry of your visa. The applicants are eligible to extend the stay if they are planning to:

  • Extend the course that they are studying in a Canadian institution
  • Wish to visit or work longer in Canada
  • Plan to change the type of permit (for instance, change a study permit to a work permit)
  • Change the location of job or the educational institution where the applicant is commencing a course

Extending Your “Temporary Stay” in Canada

In addition, there are other legal formalities that are attired with the process of “extending your stay” in Canada. It would be beneficial to take assistance from an immigration veteran and know further.

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