Primary Schools Needed, Courtesy Baby Boom in the UK!

According to a recent report released by Balanced Migration, it has been stated that UK would require almost 96,000 new school places by the year 2013 in order to fulfill the increasing demands of the people migrating to the country.

Primary Schools Needed
Stats by the Office of National Statistics (‘ONS’) point out in the direction that UK is gradually becoming one of the hottest destinations with new migrants, as the country experienced the single largest yearly population increase in almost 50 years. Figures show that almost 703,100 children were born in England and Wales in the year 2008 as compared to 607,300 born in the year 2003. Of the additional births, just over 54,000 are from non UK born parents and 13,000 have one parent who was born overseas.
According to Nicholas Soames, who is the Conservative MP and group co-chairman, it is not just about the requirements concerned with the schooling aspect but also related with requirements associated with health, housing and other services as well.
The stats of ONS elaborated that migrant mothers were responsible for more than half of the increased birth rate, courtesy the increase in Immigration since last few decades. The report clearly applauds UK as one of the best prospective countries to migrate! Hire an Immigration expert to know more.

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