Fact Sheets about Overseas Workers’ Rights in Australia Made Public

In a major development, the fact sheets carrying the rights & protection of the overseas workers–such as global students, alien workers, and permit holders–at their places of work in Australia have reportedly been made public. The documents describe the workers from abroad as persons who do not enjoy either citizenship rights or permanent residency rights in Down Under even as these could comprise, among others, backpackers, seasonal employees, and/or students. With a view to fruitfully do a job in the nation, they (migrant-workers) ought to possess either of these: a Permanent Permit or Temporary Long Stay Visa.

The fact sheets add that the laws, related to workplace in the Kangaroo Land, usually apply uniformly to every employee hired across the country. And, the recruiters/job-providers, hiring workers from out-of-the-country, would do well to make certain that they meet the terms of both the national workplace rules & immigration regulations.

The documents also talk about certain specific particulars involving the overseas workers, even as these further say that the national immigration laws—comprising filing a petition for & understanding the laws of legal work permits, besides the duty to pay market salary rates for Subcategory 457 Permit holders—should be duly implemented by the concerned Australian immigration department.

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