Fake Student Visa Holders Entering the UK!

The weak Immigration regulations in UK are allowing fake students to enter the premises on an illegal basis. Further they are abusing the Immigration system on which the Home Office memo is stating its worries in the regard to stop them.

According to the leaked memo, the Point Based System allows many illegal applicants to enter the UK on a Student Visa, with Immigration officers finding themselves in a state of ‘helplessness’ to stop them.

The new rules allow the previously rejected cases to enter the UK and study on a Student Visa, as the memo warns that the amendments have provided an opportunity to people who are looking for an easy access in the country. The misuse of Tier 4 Visas has been thoroughly discussed in the memo as well.

The memo further elaborated on the weaker Immigration rules that permit fake students to enter the country by giving example of a case where 33 students were to study in a UK College, on the basis of PBS.

Chris Grayling, who is the Shadow home secretary, stated that the system is “rotten.” On the contrary, Immigration minister Phil Woolas came to the rescue for the new system and called it “Transparent and Objective” as compared to the previous one.

The new system has provided approved educational institutions the freedom to serve as sponsors for International students with schools having the power to assess their eligibility and not the government.

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