Federal Skilled Worker Program- a Perfect Route to Canada Immigration

As more and more people are migrating to Canada, every year, the contributions these immigrants make to the country’s economy cannot be overlook. Over the years, Canada has emerged as the most people-friendly country among immigrants across the world, looking for a better lifestyle, career opportunities, and personal growth. The country also introduces a number of immigration programs to allow highly-skilled people to enter its labor force and increase the overall productive capacity of the economy. Among all these programs, there is one flagship program that has gained an incredible momentum among prospective immigrants- it’s Federal Skilled Worker Program.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is designed for highly-skilled foreign professionals to obtain a Permanent Residency visa to Canada. Under this program, candidates are selected based on their level of skills, education, knowledge, and their ability to succeed as a resident in Canada. The primary purpose is to seek professionals who can fulfil the labor shortage needs and adapt well to the ever-changing job market of Canada.

The program was first introduced on January 1, 2015 and since then it has been processed with Express Entry System. Under the Express Entry System, the prospective candidate creates an online profile and stays in line with a pool of candidates. Candidates who score the highest are given preference for PR in Canada.

Benefits of Federal Skilled Worker Program

  1. The system focuses on skills and education credentials of the applicant.
  2. Selected candidates have the freedom to work and live anywhere in Canada without any restrictions.
  3. Canada PR visa under FSW gives the candidate an access to health care facilities, social security benefits, and education.
  4. They also get an unconditional access to Canadian working sector along with pension benefits, insurance, and other claims.
  5. After three years, the candidate is entitled to apply for the Canadian citizenship

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Federal Skilled Worker?

The minimum requirements under FSW program is given below:

 Skilled Work Experience: –

The primary applicant must possess at least one year of experience as a full-time paid worker, within the last 10 years. The chosen occupation must also fall under the National Occupational Classification of Canada under the skill type O or Skill level A or B. Candidates with more than 4 years of experience are awarded the highest points.

Language Skills: –

Candidates must demonstrate that they are fully capable of communicating in the English language and they meet the threshold of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7.

 Education: –

The points awarded under this category depend on candidate’s highest qualification and number of years of study. The applicant either has to provide a Canadian degree or diploma or they have to prove that their overseas degree, diploma or certificate is equivalent to a Canadian credential.

Once the candidate satisfies the eligibility criteria, they must showcase sufficient proof of funds to support them and their family members during the initial days in Canada. Apart from this, the selected applicants and their dependents must clear a medical examination and obtain security clearance for the purpose of immigration.

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