Figure Out All You Need To Know About Australia PR Process Steps!

Australia PR Process

Permanent Residency (PR)–as it is too well known–in a developed country like Australia is a hot commodity. Nearly every visitor to the said destination wants to get the cherished and the much sought after status, to have a wonderful and fruitful life in the overseas hotspot. You require following certain mandatory Australia PR process steps to get the prized status.

Australia PR Process
Australia PR Process

But why there is such a high craze for the Australia PR? Why almost every migrant dreams of living and working in the golden coast and enjoying the excellent work, healthcare, education and retirement benefits offered by the Australian Government? Well some of the causes could be gleaned from the question itself.

An additional key reason is the present but continuous shortage of skills and talent in the country. Australia has an ageing population even as it requires young & qualified workers to keep the engine of the thriving Australian economy chugging with a good speed.

And so Canberra has started inviting the skilled professionals and workers from all parts of the world, to live and work in the land down under, and fill in for the skills and talent required to support the rapidly growing economy of the nation. Trained workers are known to earn rather well in Oz and enjoy first-rate facilities and support up-for-grabs there in.

If you are in the same boat, and want to immigrate to the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, check this blog to learn about the Australia PR process steps and plan your migration better. Right from the online application to the choosing the right visa type, get to know more about Australia PR process steps today, for a better future abroad!

You can check with a professional and renowned visa and immigration consultancy, for more in-depth information on the subject, and also assistance and guidance on the visa application submission. Some consultancies–like Abhinav for example–are known to proffer all possible support and guidance to their clients.

Coming back to the process and steps, when it comes to immigrating to Australia, there are numerous pathways to accomplish your mission. Be it a ‘Skilled Migration’ or a ‘Business Migration’, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) welcomes skilled and qualified migrants to live and work in the country and enjoy the numerous benefits, in exchange of their contributions made to the growing economy of Down Under.

To make things clear for you, every visa category follows a point based system which is based on certain parameters for every applicant, such as – age, work experience, educational qualifications, language proficiency, etc.

Australia PR Visa Classes

Take a look at the below mentioned are the different types of visa category which you can choose from as part of the Australia PR process steps!

1) Skill Based PR – Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186)

2) Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

3) Business Innovation and Investment Visa (Subclass 188)

4) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187)

5) Business Talent Visa (Subclass 132)

6) Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

Calculate Your Points!

Thus, after you have picked the right visa subclass or category for your immigration, the next step is to calculate your points based on a system used by the immigration officials to shortlist the most eligible applicants for ‘Express Entry’ to Australia. Once you have calculated your points, you would be required to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI). For those who are wondering, currently the minimum points to receive an application to apply for the Kangaroo Land is 60 points.

Don’t Delay!

Oz welcomes a vast number of migrants from around the world, in search of a better quality of life and opportunities in the country every year. Thus, if you share the same dream, it is crucial to start your immigration at the earliest, based on what we have shared as the critical Australia PR Process steps in this article. Remember: The sooner you start, the better your chances are of standing out in the vast pool of immigrants.

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