Figure What UK Family Tourist Visa Options You Have & Move With Ease!

The United Kingdom (UK) offers an excellent visa option to those who have one or the other of their family settled in the overseas hotspot. Known as the UK Family Tourist Visa, these visas are basically meant for those outsiders, keen to join as dependents for over 6 months their family members, who are already residing in the hotspot.

Such dependents may be: husband or wife (spouse), partner, fiancé, fiancée or planned civil partner, kids, parents, extra family members ready to proffer long-term support and care for the primary visa holder in requirement.

UK Family Tourist Visa Options

Numerous visa options are available under the UK Family Tourist Visa.

  1. EEA Family Permit

It enables the family members of the nationals of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland to join their family in the UK. An EEA family permit is basically a kind of ‘entry clearance’ to the UK (comparable to a visa) for the people of the nations located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who happen to be the family members of the nationals of the EEA.

  1. Family Visas

The nation’s government and its immigration organization have laid down certain laws to allow the Family Visa in case somebody from the visa candidate’s family is already living in the country. The visa is perfectly tailored for the nationals who are non-European to either move to or stay in the country as the partners, kids and elderly dependent family members of those who are already present in the hotspot.

The specific visa enables the residents of the UK, those with Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) position and the EEA-nationals residents in the UK to provide sponsorship to their partners, parents and kids to move and reside with them in the extensively visited Island Nation.

  1. Fiancée/Proposed Civil Partner Visa

Aspirants under this specific category of Family Visa UK path are permitted to gain admission into the famed overseas hotspot as a fiancé (e) or planned civil partner of a British national or an individual who is already settled in the Island Nation. As per the rules, it is mandatory that they plan to either tie the knot or register their civil partnership inside 6 months of their landing in the UK, and settle in the nation later.

  1. PBS Dependent Visas

Candidates under this particular class of the popular Family Visas are basically the partner or dependent kids below 18 years of a migrant under the Points-Based System (PBS) who is keen to join them in the nation.

  1. UK Partner Visa

UK Family Tourist Visa

Another good visa category, under it, aspirants who happen to be either a Spouse or Civil Partner or Unmarried Partner of a UK citizen, or an individual who is settled in the nation, may submit an application for the Family Visa to move and reside in the hotspot.

Family Tourist Visa for UK Required documentation

To get this visa, you need certain important documents:

  1. Your passport
  2. Evidence of your association, example, a marriage or birth certificate.
  3. A letter from your partner or family in the UK announcing that they are either moving with you or that you are moving to reside with them in the nation.
  4. Passport or ID card of your partner or family member.

You also require illustrating that you are dependent on your family member, money-wise, in the UK, in case you are submitting an application as their dependent extended family member.

Check with your visa consultant, dealing with UK immigration, to find more on the subject of the Family Tourist Visa for UK. He will help and guide you fulfill the different compulsory requirements for the visa in question and get it with ease and without any roadblocks, and of course, any delays.

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