You Can File Applications for Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program Now!

Here’s positive news for all Canada-inspired skilled migrants! Now you can duly apply under the nation’s much talked about and extensively used Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP). Visa-petitions for the FSWP can now be filed, as since January 2, 2013, the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (the CIC) has begun to accept these.

Program Requirements

  • You must have a job offer from a Canadian recruiter/firm from any of the Canadian territories or provinces.
  • You ought to possess a certificate/official document to accordingly establish that a job is waiting for you when you arrive on the nation’s shores.
  • You ought to have not less than 2 years of valuable experience related to employment in the Maple Country.
  • You must also cater to the essential language obligation.

Program Special Attributes

The latest program will be focused on positively addressing the issue of the labor requirements of the industries across the nation. The program will work nicely and agreeably even for the small recruiters/companies also, many of which could be battling against the plaguing scarcity of skilled manpower.

Program’s Role in National Economy

According to the incumbent Canadian immigration minister, the fresh Skilled Trades Class will properly address the issue of labor scarcities, and boost all-round economic development. He added that for a long period the immigration arrangement in the nation had been waiting to undergo an improvement even while the latest amendments will make the procedure of immigration much quicker and smoother, in the process, making BIG and notable contributions to the national economy’s cause.

Program’s Shortcomings

  • The earlier program suffered from certain key drawbacks. Apparently, it was not much trades friendly.
  • The labor scarcity in the nation was not properly served by the earlier program.
  • The previous program failed to fight-off the challenge of the nation’s fast-aging populace.

Labor Demand’s Status in Canada

Certain reports show that by 2020, the construction industry in the Maple Country would occupy the 5th position. It would require over 300,000 employees in yet another 10 years time. Further, nearly 50% of the said requirement would have to be met using skilled labor from overseas nations—the reason being the given requirement cannot be fulfilled using just the local manpower. And, this is the picture of just one domain.

Needless to say, the latest program is a positive development for not only the Canadian recruiters/firms, but also a large number of immigrants, who since too long had been cooling their heels to present their visa-submissions.

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