Right Time to File For Australian SkillSelect Immigration

If you think that you can make it to Australia, then hurry up and avail our consultation and assistance to get detailed reviews of the new migration possibilities down under. It is exactly the Right Time to File For Australia SkillSelect Immigration. The results of the previous automated selections rounds of 7th and 21st January give more than concrete indications of the success of the new Aussie immigration policy.

The consecutive results have cleared all doubts about the operational efficiency of the newly installed migration framework. Till now i.e. the end of the January 2013 more than 11000 people have been sent advisory to go ahead with submission of the second set of application process i.e. submission of the documentary evidences of the claims as made in the digital profiles – EOIs.

In the month of January 2013 2800 profiles were automatically short listed based on the scores attained in critical profile analysis test conducted during the EOI creation process. The minimum cut-off scores for the rounds in January were again established at 60. Establishment of minimum threshold at 60 marks consistently throughout the selection rounds since the implementation of the SkillSelect in July clarifies a very important aspect that the race for the Skilled visa program sub class 189 (federal permanent) is wide open.

Like the previous rounds majority of the EOIs (63% approximately) short listed for the next phase had obtained 60 marks, while the maximum scores obtained in these rounds was 80. This is the Right Time to File For Australian Immigration. Contact us for comprehensive assistance for EOI creation.

More than 92% of EOI were collectively selected in the score band of 60-70 marks (although these figures must be compared with the trade specific scores). In the selection process one thing must be kept in mind that EOIs with similar scores for specific trade filed earlier are given preference over the EOIs submitted later.

Most of Trade tabulation listing professions codes are yet to achieve annual sealing and only 233111 Chemical Materials Engineer has reached the yearly numbers cap. But attainment of numbers cap does not prevent people being sponsored under ENS or business innovation and investment categories.

Similarly, 200 people who had opted for temporary subsection 489 under temporary regional sponsorship Australia SkillSelect Visa were also advised to go ahead with the next stage of visa process.

The process has been extremely rapid in application and people who had filed for Australian Immigration SkillSelect Visa have been duly responded. What are you waiting for, avail our services in creation of your EOI. We will give you a comprehensive support in every phase of Australian immigration.

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